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South Pacific Trip is a website that helps travelers plan their trips to the South Pacific and Micronesia.

Our target reader likes a mix of independent and planned activities on their trips. They’re interested in day trips, mid-luxury priced accommodation, once in a lifetime activities and cruises.

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Sponsored Content + Product Reviews

South Pacific Trip is open to partaking in sponsored content if the topic relates to the theme of the site. If you have content related to traveling the South Pacific and Micronesia in some form please get in content.

Please note though all links will be no follow and we reserve the right to remove the links / content after a period of 12 months. Advertising and promotional activities attract a fee.


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Press Trips and Sponsored Experiences

The editor of South Pacific Trip, Lexi, is available for a wide range of promotional trips to the South Pacific region. Lexi has been on over 30+ sponsored activities or stays through her previous blog They Get Around, since closed to focus on niche sites.


Subject line: Sponsored Experience/ Press Trip


Speaking & Presentations

Lexi is available to speak on the topics of:

  • Packing & travel style
  • Photography
  • Travel: I have over ten years of travel experience including solo, partnered, group trips and sponsored travel.
  • Blogging (specifically travel blogging)


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Additional coverage: If the content suits it may also be shared to a number of Pinterest groups and additional Instagrams.


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