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The South Pacific Islands are the group of islands spread across the South Pacific ocean from Australia to Hawaii. The islands range wildly in their level of tourism infrastructure and visitor numbers, and the more popular islands are normally designated as honeymoon spots.

Micronesia is often grouped in with these islands despite not technically being in the South Pacific, hence they are also covered on this website.

The islands are quite popular with divers, with less crowded but genuinely great dive spots and lots of larger creatures to see. Likewise cruises are popular in the area with some of the longer cruises visiting multiple island nations.


Currency and Spending in the South Pacific Islands

Currency: Most of the islands use their own nations currency, but some islands use the currency of their mainland – Hawaii uses USD, and Cook Islands used New Zealand dollars.

Spending: It’s a good idea to pay in cash if you’re travelling around on a budget, but for fancier hotels you can often book online in advance or use your credit card. You will have access to ATMs on the islands but definitely do your research before leaving as some of the smaller islands may have limited access to withdrawing cash.


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Weather in the South Pacific Islands

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How to get to the South Pacific Islands

Flights are your best bet to get to the South Pacific and flights are surprisingly cheap from Australia and New Zealand. A trip to the South Pacific would be a nice side trip from either of those two countries, or a quieter experience than South East Asia for travelers.

As mentioned above cruises frequently visit the South Pacific from Australia and New Zealand, with Fiji and Vanuatu being popular choices on 7-14 day trips.


Transport in the South Pacific Islands

Transport between island to island within each nation is generally done via ferries, however if you want to travel from nation to nation (such as Fiji to Vanuatu) your going to want to take a flight.


What are the Locals Like?

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Popular South Pacific Itineraries

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Accommodation in the South Pacific Islands

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Tips for the South Pacific Islands

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